This Home Page is designed and created [STILL BEING UNDER CONSTRUCTION]


Christopher N.

 the student of UMK in            $ This is the place for some information about me and my home page. 1.  This page is under construction at the moment, but it will be expanded successively in the nearest future. 2.  Currently only english version of this page exists. 
     [OBECNIE ISTNIEJE TYLKO ANGIELSKA WERSJA TEJ STRONY] 3.  The constructive criticism is recommended and will be seen nicely.
     Please don't send me messages like "YOU  ****** !!! YOUR PAGE IS ********** !!!" 
     Such messages will be printed and used instead of the toilet paper  :-) 4.  Any help with translating this page to other languages or adding new material will be appreciated. 5.  I am interested in computers, astronomy, paranormal  activity and rock music.
     I like bike riding and swimming too. 
     If your interests are similar to mine then please write to me. 6.   SPECIAL GREETS FOR ALL OF MY FRIENDS:
      Adam, Luke, Bombel, Miki, Pleaseno and the rest of people from the IV LO in Torun
      and for Wizard, Idaho, Sopel, Radziol, Alien, Jaymz, Martini, Tomek K., Darek M.
      and especially for all my friends from IRC    :))     including: mud, mrozi and all my friends from Poland and Russia     :)))